Anna Hunter Major Family LawLegal 500 Top Tier North East firm Major Family Law have been making waves in the industry and are fast being recognised as one of the best family law practices in the North of the country.


Major Family Law are a firm of collaborative lawyers in Newcastle upon Tyne, and considered specialists in all types of family law including dispute resolution and divorce. Founder and principal solicitor Joanne Major has a revered position of authority in international family law, and is considered by many as a “force to be reckoned with”.


The firm’s reputation is centred on their team of highly established and well respected law practitioners, many of which are recognised individually as figureheads in the industry. Major Family Law are known for their discreet, dignified and professional approach to specialist family law, with all lawyers expertly and meticulously trained in the latest and most effective methods of securing a resolution for their clients.


When it comes to family matters, Major Family Law recognise that it is usually children that are the most significantly affected. For this reason, Major’s position as a leading North East children solicitor is primarily attributed to their sensitivity and concern for younger family members, and their support for families looking to minimise the disruption and effect separation or conflict has on children.


Every case brought to Major Family Law is treated on an individual and unobtrusive basis, ensuring that all parties are treated fairly to result in the best possible outcome for those involved. The firm is considered one step ahead of the majority due to their expertise in collaborative law; a relatively new concept that could change the face of family law in the near future. Collaborative law refers to a joint party agreement not to go to court, working together with Major’s Newcastle divorce lawyers to reach a settlement that resolves conflict on both sides.


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