When going through the stressful and painful process of divorce, the family’s main concern is the welfare and the effects it could have on their children.

Major Family Law, hailed by many as the best family law practice in the north, operate a lawyer response team who are specifically trained to help family’s decide on arrangements regarding their children during divorce or separation. This includes details such as where the children will live and how much time is allocated to each parent. They will also on request be able to provide appropriate yet sensitive support and advice to the family in which they will discuss what options are available to them, whether a traditional approach, collaborate law process or mediation programmes.

All cases are dealt with the upmost sensitivity and professionalism, and without prejudice. Divorce is sometimes inevitable, so in the unfortunate event of this happening to your family, get in touch with Major Family Law, a specialist family law firm based in the North East of England. For more information visit http://www.majorfamilylaw.co.uk.