At the end of last week, the BBC released a heart-breaking short docu-film that followed the lives of immigrants deported from the US to Mexico.

The video aimed to highlight the sheer number of cases in the US where immigration laws are strictly applied and most deportees do not have   access to legal advice or support with making a lawful UK visa application.

Although UK immigration policy differs in many respects from the US, it is becoming increasingly strict as the government seeks to reduce net migration. There are still vast numbers of immigrants who don’t have access to the right legal advice.

Newcastle based firm, David Gray Solicitors LLP can assist in ensuring that clients get the right UK visa advice and are able to exercise rights to appeal and seek reviews of decisions.

Newcastle has the largest proportion of immigrants in the North East of the country, making David Gray Solicitors LLP a vital cog in achieving fair policy for immigration to the UK.

An individual’s right to challenge a decision is a principal concern for the immigration team. David Gray Solicitors LLP can offer support and advice on legal routes in what can be a very emotionally difficult and stressful time for the client.

There may be a number of different avenues to consider when seeking to challenge an immigration decision, including appeals, administrative review or  Judicial Review. For further information of David Gray Solicitors Newcastle, or to make an appointment with a member of the immigration team, please contact or visit