Figures announced by the Office for National Statistics have shown that net migration to the UK has risen by 58,000 in the last year. The 30% increase has been fuelled by migrants arriving from countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece as they are hit hard with recession.

As the number of applicants for a UK visa steadily goes up, migrants face many challenges that include possible refusal of entry to or removal of those already in the UK.

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With an increase in migration in the past year to 212,000, despite the UK government’s well-publicised policy to reduce net migration, immigration to the UK is a burgeoning issue, which could result in complex legislative changes and possibly tighter restrictions.

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For those already in the country, the refusal of an application or the prospect of removal can be very worrying. In all cases David Gray Solicitors are there to offer guidance and support, providing clarity on the law and expert representation.

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