Legislation is currently being implemented in England and Wales that will automatically refer separating couples to a mediator before they decide to take court action. Family mediation is a process that  alleviates much of the stress experienced by families going through divorce and separation.

The Children and Families Bill aims to make separating couples aware of options for resolving disputes about children or finances that they had perhaps never considered or didn’t know much about. Both partners can find out about alternatives to court, including family mediation, in an initial one to one information meeting with a family mediator. Research has estimated that 70% of mediations end in agreement, as well as being a much quicker and cheaper option for separating couples. David Gray Solicitors LLP are based in Newcastle and South Shields, and have one of the largest and most experienced family departments in the country. Their lawyers are dedicated to finding ways in which to meet the needs of the whole family, and offer services in both family mediation and collaborative family law. These are two processes in which couples are helped to overcome communication difficulties in order to reach an outcome which they can both live with, and which is in the best interests of the whole family.

In family mediation the separating couple meet with an impartial mediator who is trained to help them discuss the issues they need to deal with in a constructive and non confrontational way. The aim is to reach a written set of proposals describing the arrangements they have decided upon for their family. This could include living arrangements for children, and any financial matters.

Collaborative family law is another option in which each person has their own specially trained Collaborative family lawyer, and discussions take place around the table with both clients and lawyers present. At the outset everyone agrees not to involve the court in making decisions for the family, and this means that discussions can take place constructively, safe in the knowledge that the couple will remain in control of the outcome. Threatening phrases like “See you in court” lose all meaning. 

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