Sadly, there are certain outcomes as a result of an accusation of serious crime that can ruin the lives of the accused when innocent, especially something as dreadful and traumatic as rape.

Rape is a serious, devastating and damaging sexual offence, but more frequently accusations of rape and other sexual offences are being used as a way to instantly devastate lives through association. A complex area of law, such allegations rely on both forensic evidence and statements from victims, and can carry a sentence of life imprisonment.

In January this year, the Telegraph reported on statements made by conservative MP Nigel Evans, who supported the notion that until convicted, men who face such allegations should have the same anonymity as victims; a concept that caused a heated discussion and criticism from charity Rape Crisis.

A study published by the Crown Prosecution Service noted that false accusations of rape are rare, but the few that are not can have a distressing and demoralising impact on the accused.

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